Young Rewired State: Festival of Code #YRS2013

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One KX

  • Mortune

    by Alexander North, Jack Spence, Kyra Mozley
    Best example of design
    A music recommendation service that attempts to find less popular/well known artists so as to provide more relevant suggestions.
  • PiCycle

    by Tom Hartley, Louis Brent-Carpenter
    Best in Show award
    A service to provide navigational and other information to cyclists using a series of handlebar-mounted LEDs and a Raspberry Pi.
  • TrendCast

    by Jovan, Alex, Daniel, Conrad, Daniel
    TrendCast estimates and predicts the market based off of trending topics on the internet
  • TwitHunt

    by Sebastian Klavinskis-Whiting, Celine Dubois-Pelerin , Daniella Todd
    A simple twitter search client which displays a graph of the tweet 'sentiments'