Young Rewired State

Young Rewired State: Festival of Code #YRS2013


by Sebastian Klavinskis-Whiting, Celine Dubois-Pelerin , Daniella Todd


TwitHunt is a simple twitter search app which displays tweets (using the twitter api) and accompanies with an animated graph (using chart.js) to display the 'sentiment' of the tweets (using the sentiment140 api).

It uses a php backend to connect to the twitter api then a frontend in javascript/jQuery to display the tweets using ajax and to send the tweet to the sentiment 140 api to create the graph.

The source code can be found in a zip here and once unzipped, the folder can simply be placed on a (php capable) server and will run as it is entirely self-contained.

TwitHunt also provides a mobile site and a webapp for ios which works and looks like a native ios app.